Hi, nice to meet you!

I am Marius!

Who am I?
I am an Automation Development Tester, currently working in Welwyn Garden City. When describing myself I can say I am motivated, adaptable and a responsible web developer with project and time management abilities. I have acquired a highly useful combination of competent technical abilities and organizational skills from my previous roles as a Web Developer, Automation Technician and IT Specialist. I have an enthusiastic and positive approach to new challenges and I like to get involved in any stage of large-scale projects, from the initiation to delivery and client handover.
What skills do I have?
I can handle HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript without any problem. I am really good using tools when troubleshooting electrical and a electronic devices and I like getting deep inside PCs and laptops bringing them back to life.
How to contact me?
You can access my CV here or send me an Email. | Facebook | LinkedIn